Small Success: Shoes, Schedules and Chocolate

ThuSmall Success dark blue outline 800x800rsdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

1. For work, I’ve gotten a lot done and prescheduled and I have a plan to continue to get ahead in advance of the Catholic Writers Guild conference, coming up in less than 2 weeks. That’s a WIN for productivity.

2. I made a run to the shoe store this morning, not for retail therapy (my usual reason for buying shoes) but because tendonitis in both feet is flaring up again and I didn’t have any shoes in the house that I could wear without pain. More than that, I was worried that I’d have to show up at the CWG Conference (and meet lots of people of influence) dressed like Melanie Griffiths in the opening scenes of Working Girl: business attire and running shoes. earth origins sadieI found something I like that can be worn with dress pants and that give my feet the support they need: Earth Origins Sadie. I feel like I can stand up in these shoes all day long. They’re not formal, but they’ll be fine with black or gray trousers and a nice blouse–and that’s exactly what I needed.

I also need to bite the bullet and get rid of all the shoes that hurt when I wear them, because clearly I cannot wear them anymore.

3. I baked a decadent dessert for tonight’s folk group practice. CMP browniesWe’re celebrating the 45th wedding anniversary of two of our group’s founding members. So here’s your sneak peek at CMP Brownies (chocolate, marshmallow, peanut). I’ll be writing up the recipe later for Cook and Count.

4. I managed to semi-reschedule my Adoration hour to accommodate The Kid’s camp pickup time (which is not flexible.) I’m blessed to share my hour with a retired couple, so I made sure they’d be there, and then started my hour early so I could leave early and make it to pickup. Usually I hate, hate, hate both rescheduling things and asking for accommodations, but I survived the experience.

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Note: that link for the shoes is an Amazon affiliate link, which means if you follow that link and purchase something from Amazon, I’ll get a little kickback that can be applied to one of the gazillion books on my wish list. Or more shoes.

8 thoughts on “Small Success: Shoes, Schedules and Chocolate

  1. Scheduling changes are hard. Next week my son is working a camp from 9-2. I have a daily Conference call at 8:00 where I am the first presenter. He said he doesn’t mind being dropped off early and that he will take his computer. We are both looking forward to September when he can get his driver’s license.

    • It’s good that he can go early. I can’t get my son to camp more than 10 minutes early and he must be picked up promptly, which I completely understand as a courtesy to the adults. But I just added an hour+ a day in the car to my routine.

  2. What a great week for you! I feel ya’ on the reschedule thing. When we travel, I have such a hard time getting my hour covered, and I fe guilty if no one helps. (I’m one of about 5-6 people there at the time.)

  3. I miss working. I hope and pray to go back in the next year or so, even if it is working from home. I know … that was random.
    I love those shoes. They look comfy. My husband just told me to toss old shoes, but I’m waiting for new shoe money. lol
    I must live under a rock because I did not know you had another blog. Hmmmm cooking is right up my alley.
    Have a great rest of your week Barb.

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