Small Success: The Golden Years

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This week, I made it to 50, as evidenced by the only “birthday card” I received on my Actual Birthday:

They get an A for effort, and an F for timing.
They get an A for effort, and an F for timing.

To be fair, I got plenty of cards before my birthday and even a couple on the day after. But on the Actual Day…nothing but AARP.

Which pretty much sums up how I feel about being 50.

My daughter says I shouldn’t sweat being 50 because now I’m in my Golden Years.

I just find it a little scary to think that I’m the same age as the Golden Girls.

Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

But here’s my Birthday Happiness, which I count as success:

1. Everybody was home for dinner for my birthday. Big Brother came over. Middle Sister didn’t have to work. She made me a delicious lemon pound cake. Yum. I cooked dinner, because I like to cook, and yes, I did make a mess-intensive meal because the boys did the cleanup. Best. Present. Ever.

2. More cake was enjoyed last night at folk group practice. Chocolate bundt cake with vanilla glaze. Yum.

(Related: I hereby declare that if it’s your birthday cake, it has no calories.)

3. The Street Urchins sang “Happy birthday” to me and even signed a card, along with The Kid. That’s a keeper.

4. My parents are driving down to visit for the day and we’re all going out for lunch.

Once I’m all done celebrating, I’m going to go about considering what I can do to make sure that this year is, indeed, golden. For the moment, though, I’m going to savor it.

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4 thoughts on “Small Success: The Golden Years

  1. Happy Birthday! I have mixed feelings about 50. I thought I’d feel younger than the Golden Girls AND look younger, but I’m pretty sure it’s a negative on both counts. I also thought 50 counted as middle age these days but I’m pretty sure I passed middle age a long time ago.

    Hope you get to keep celebrating!

    • Thanks, B! I am in deep denial regarding the “middle age” thing, even though I saw someone in a Midlife Crisis Convertible this morning and he was clearly younger than me…but a lady at church today said that she didn’t think I looked old enough to have kids. A lovely compliment. But I think she needs her eyes checked regardless πŸ˜‰

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