Small Success: Oven Meltdown Edition

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Yesterday I had one of THOSE mornings. You know the kind.

  • I dropped off my van to get brake fluid and transmission fluid changed out, only to have the mechanic call to tell me that they’d had to jump-start “Brucie” to get him into the shop, and I needed a new battery.
  • TheKid lost the charm from his medic-alert necklace.
  • My oven decided to overachieve, burning a frozen pizza that should take 15 minutes to cook in 5 minutes flat, then flashing an error message on the screen.
  • There was a mouse sighting on the back porch.
  • And I had NO Milky Ways in the house to help me deal with any of this.

There may or may not have been a bit of a meltdown for a little while around here…and then…

  • I (reluctantly) bit the bullet on the van repair.
  • I ordered TheKid a set of medic-alert rubber bracelets that say “Type 1 Diabetes” on them. 4 for $12. They’ll be here Friday. Thank you, Amazon Prime.
  • One of the Secular Franciscans saw my Facebook vent and messaged me that her husband repairs appliances! He called to help diagnose the problem. We’re not sure if a part’s available or if the stove is worth the price of the repair, but progress is being made.

    For the record, it was decaf. And very much needed.
    For the record, it was decaf. And very much needed.
  • I told TheKid that if the Street Urchins helped him to safely capture and relocate the porch mouse, I’d buy them all donuts. They caught the mouse and took it down the street where there are some woods and a creek. I bought the donuts. And a caramel iced coffee, to compensate for the lack of Milky Ways.
  • I got a postcard from the jury duty people who had scheduled me for the end of August. I’d asked for a postponement until sometime during the school year. They excused me from duty altogether.

I don’t know what helped get things turned around after that one hour when one thing after another went wrong. There was a lot of “God, help me” going on, that’s for sure! These were not all big things but all of that at once was more than I wanted to handle.

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