Small Success: Better Late than Never

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I am very, very late for Small Success today.

I stuck my nose in a novel early this morning and that seems to have thrown the whole rest of the day off. (It’s really good, though!)

In spite of that, I managed to get a good bit accomplished. Except for the laundry that I tossed into the machine at 8:30 AM and haven’t moved since. But here’s my day:

9:00. Mass, which turned out to be a Communion service, because Father was very ill today. (Memorare UP!)

9:30. Home to check TheKid, who was still asleep. Add a few donated books to the Excel spreadsheet for the Secular Franciscans’ library, which we are getting ready to divide and share with the parish.

10:15. Pick up a roll for my lunch and a latte at Wawa, then over to the parish center to pull all the Franciscan-specific library books for the Secular Franciscan library. All others will become part of the parish library.

11:15. Back home. Wake up TheKid, make sure he has breakfast, and send him out the door for a haircut.

Noon to 1. Adoration, followed by a quick stop in parish office to tell business manager that I’m done with the library.

1:15. Return home, admire haircut, force TheKid to make bed before agreeing to drive him to visit theater friends in different zip code.

2:10. Return home, eat quick lunch (meatball sandwich using last night’s leftovers) and head to supermarket. MAJOR success here involves eating before shopping. I saved mucho dinero that way.

3:30. Back from supermarket. Put away groceries and return phone call from my mom.

4:40. Back out to pick up TheKid.

5:30. Home again. Prepare to make dinner, begin preheating oven and get text from Hubs that he’s just leaving work now. Turn off oven and wait until 6:30 to finish cooking.

You’ll notice that nowhere in there did I mention work, which fortunately I got done ahead of time yesterday (though I did not expect, even a little bit, that this day would turn out this crazy).

And I’m kind of wishing I’d remembered to wear my Fitbit because I think I’d have clocked up quite a few steps along the way today.

Amazingly, I’m not too tired and I’m even in a good mood after all that. (Perhaps the biggest success of all!)

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  1. I can’t tell you how it has been that I have gotten that engrossed in a Novel. It can do wonders for the disposition.

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