Battling the biggest monster

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month, and here’s a don’t-miss post from a mom of a newly-diagnosed child in the UK. Learn the signs. Learn why Type 1 Diabetes is different from Type 2. And keep us all in your prayers.


Imagine your child has an incurable disease and to keep themselves alive they need to inject medication at least four times a day.  Now imagine their need for the medication changes each time according to how much they eat or run around; according to the weather, if they are coming down with a bug, excitement, amount of sleep.  And a little bit too much of that medication could kill them.  Your child pricks their finger to bleed a little at least 10 times a day to keep on track: you wake them at 3 am every night as it’s the time they’re most likely to need urgent treatment.  You do this everyday because the condition won’t improve or stabilise.  This micromanagement is for life, and coma or death could result from you relaxing for a day.

You are imagining the life of a Type 1 Diabetic and their carer.

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2 thoughts on “Battling the biggest monster

  1. Thank you for posting this, Barb. I think so many people get Type I and Type 2 diabetes confused. My maternal grandmother had what they called juvenile diabetes and was diagnosed at age 3. She died at the age of 36 because of complications with the disease. It’s so refreshing to know there’s better care and medical advancements now, despite the ongoing struggle of both caregiver and person suffering with the disease. Hugs and prayers!

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