Monday Recap: November 9, 2015

Monday Recap-What I've been writing


teriyaki salmon (3) c t smallerMeatless Friday: Teriyaki Salmon with Fried Rice. I’ve shared a quick and easy recipe for Teriyaki Salmon with Quick Fried Rice. Try this for your next Meatless Friday meal!

sacred readingBook Notes: Sacred Reading, the 2016 Guide to Daily Prayer. Why not begin the new Church year with a new prayer practice? Here I review Sacred Reading, a guide to lectio divina for the 2016 Church year.

At Cook and Count

cinn raisin 10 grain slices (2) T C10-Grain Cinnamon Raisin Bread. A healthier twist on cinnamon-raisin swirl bread, this makes fabulous toast. I can’t wait to try it as French toast! (It’s great for peanut-butter sandwiches too.)

Copyright 2015 Becky Campbell. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2015 Becky Campbell. All rights reserved.

Diabetes Awareness Month: A Parent’s Perspective. My friend Becky Campbell wrote this two years ago at my request. I was writing for a parenting blog and wanted to include some useful content about diabetes. 6 days after Becky’s post was published, TheKid was diagnosed. Becky has been a wonderful source of support to me and Hubs ever since. November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Know the signs; save a life.

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