Small Success: Still Walking

Small Success dark blue outline 800x800Thursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

  • I finally bit the bullet and completed the outline I was writing for a book project I’d been asked to participate in. I think the scariest part was actually OPENING THE FILE. Once I got going, it just flowed. Now I’m waiting for input from my cowriters, and then I’ll get it submitted.
  • I haven’t killed myself yet, walking around in this boot. I did discover that it works well to carry things in a basket with a handle that I can loop my arm through, since I’m a bit off balance in this thing.
  • I walked away and left my 19-year-old daughter to her own devices as she carved our post-Thanksgiving turkey on Saturday. When you’re carving poultry, there is no room for micromanagement. It wasn’t going to end well, so I had to just let go and leave her to it. While she did observe that she’ll probably never have a career as a surgeon, I think she did just fine (and the turkey was delicious.)

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3 thoughts on “Small Success: Still Walking

  1. I love that you walked away and let her carve. That’s the hardest thing for me to do: walk away and let the kids make mistakes.

    But at least with turkey, you know it’ll be delicious even if it’s shredded. 😉

    • She didn’t do as badly as she thinks she did! And yes, walking away and leaving her to it is a VERY hard thing to do. Very necessary, but very hard.

  2. I hope the boot does it’s job. I wore an AFO brace for 2 years on my ankle to get the tendon’s healed from years of not having my fallen arches not supported.

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