Small Success: Not on Thursday

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This week has been a little extra busy, so it’s a good thing that the Small Success linkup isn’t limited to a single day.

I’m sort of managing to be sedentary. And by this I mean, the Christmas tree is down but all the other decorations in the house are still hanging around, and those are coming down little by little. There’s very little pain in my foot and I want to keep it that way.

The past couple of days, I’ve been drinking my coffee without sugar. Just cream. I’m not missing the sugar, either. Maybe it’s because I’m drinking good coffee and I’ve finally gotten the hang of the Aeropress I got for Christmas…

cuisinart cookwareAlso for Christmas, I got some shiny new cookware. That was a want, not a need, because most of the cookware I already had was serviceable (though there were a few nonstick pieces that had been badly scratched by utensils that are not nonstick-friendly). I took out all the old cookware, boxed up the pieces that were still good for Middle Sister to use next year when she has an on-campus apartment, and did not save the damaged cookware “just in case I might need it someday.” That’s a BIG step for me. My kitchen-equipment hoarding tendencies go way back.

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5 thoughts on “Small Success: Not on Thursday

  1. Bought Cuisinart cookware last year with my Christmas and Birthday money from my parents along with a sale and 30%off at Kohl’s. I love it. I use Bar Keepers Friend to keep it looking good inside and out, though I do use a steel wool pad on the inside. I love that I can go from cook top to oven when making steak/chops. Enjoy.

    • I’m an old fan of Bar Keepers Friend! Good to know it will work on these pots and pans 🙂 I also got this nifty chainmail thing to clean my cast iron, and I think it would work well on these too.

  2. Love how Christmas is very slowly being dismantled in your home… And new cookware?? I could really do with some…
    See my blog at:

  3. I love that so many people “get” how new cookware can be a terrific gift for someone who enjoys cooking! It took me a few years to convince Hubs of that. Now a new vacuum cleaner, that is NOT a good present!

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