Small Success: Still Winter

Has anybody else had enough of winter by now? Show of hands? Because, yeah, me? I’m done with it…as I sit here typing with fingerless gloves on. The heat’s on in the house but it’s 64 degrees here in my “corner office.” And my nose is cold.

The good news? Winter has less than 6 weeks to go in the round. We can do it!

Thursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

I amazed my kid.

He tries to take over the radio, and sometimes I let him. But the other day it was playing something awful that was supposedly masquerading as music, and I told him to change the station.

“But Mom! This guy was born in Paterson, NJ! You have to like him!”

“I don’t like Fetty Wap. Turn it off.”

“How did you know that was Fetty Wap????????”

I know lots of stuff, including that I don’t like Fetty Wap, thankyouverymuch.

I was released from sneaker prison.

Yes, that’s right: I am allowed to wear Real Shoes now. I survived 6 weeks in a boot and 4 weeks wearing sneakers only (except for that one time when I sang at a funeral. I didn’t think sneakers, even black ones, were appropriate at funerals. But I wore the sneakers to church and changed there.)

My foot is mostly pain-free and I have invested in stepstools for the kitchen and my bedroom closet, because I’m not allowed, among other things, to reach. That’s a hard row to hoe when you’re vertically challenged. I am also not allowed to jump, climb ladders, walk on a treadmill, sprint or run.


I made the mandatory appointments (well, half of them.)

This morning I have my mammogram scheduled. Next week, it’s the gynecologist (though why, as a hysterectomy patient, I have to be checked is beyond me.)

Still on the list of Dreaded Things to Schedule: that colonoscopy I’ve been putting off since my birthday (in July) and the dentist. There’s only so long I can milk the “I have to be continuously available for my diabetic teenager in case something goes wrong at school so I can’t sit in a dentist’s chair or do colonoscopy prep” excuse…

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5 thoughts on “Small Success: Still Winter

    • Yes, the boot’s been gone since early January but I was under strict orders to ONLY wear sneakers (which is what I’m wearing 75% of the time anyway. It’s just the thought that I’m not allowed to wear any other shoes that makes me want to!)

  1. Real shoes! YAY. Perhaps you should buy a new pair in celebration? or not.
    Great story about the radio.
    And no, I’m not tired of winter. I wish I was. But in Texas, we pray for it.

  2. May I just say that the gynecologist appt might be of questionable value. The recommendation for pap smears has been revised to every 3 years and that is for women with an intact cervix. The pap smear has never been validated as a test for anything but cervical cancer so if there is no cervix, there should be no test. Only exception for this might be if the reason for the hysterectomy was invasive cervical cancer. There is no evidence that physicians can pick up other pathology like ovarian cancer on physical exam in an asymptomatic woman. If you are not having symptoms, odds are the doc won’t find anything whether or not pathology exists. This changes if you are having symptoms. Then you should be seen. You don’t hear this from a lot of GYN docs because doing the yearly pap smear is a key revenue source. Most of us family physicians have been saying this for years.

    • Then there’s not much reason for me to go. I don’t have ovaries, either, and no symptoms of any kind. Had the mammogram and already got the all-clear letter. The reason for the hysterectomy and oophorectomy was endometriosis (and the second surgery was done at a cancer center, where they tested everything up, down and sideways.)

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