Small Success: A Better than Average Day

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Yesterday, one of the writers from CatholicMom concluded an email, “I hope you’re having a better than average Wednesday.”

And thinking about it, I was! It was a pretty good day and I’d gotten quite a bit done.

–I found our copy of Veritatis Splendor that a friend mentioned she was hoping to read and remembered to bring it to Mass to pass along to her.

–My trip to the thrift shop to search for costume pieces for TheKid for his upcoming show (he’s Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast) was a success! He needed brown dress pants and I also picked up a belt, because he can’t take his regular belt and leave it at the theatre for 3 weeks in his costume box. If he does, he’ll be out of uniform at school. I found both those items, and the pants had the Half-Price Tag Color of the Day, so for $5.50 I got two like-new items. And after the show, I’ll donate those pants back to Goodwill, since it’s not too likely that he’ll want to wear brown dress pants anywhere.

–I remembered to pick up the book TheKid had on reserve at the library before that hold expired.

–I fixed my guitar tuner (I think) after I didn’t put it away in the right place and a piece of the mount broke off. Hot-glue gun for the win–and plenty of motivation to put it back where it belongs next time.

–And on Monday, when I was booted offline thanks to a Comcast nationwide internet outage, I cleaned out a closet where we keep games no one plays. Some are trash, some will be donated to school and some (new in their shrink wrap) will be saved for Toys for Tots next Christmas. What did I do with the closet space? I put all the diabetes stuff in one place. We get 3 months of supplies at a time, and that takes up a lot of space. It’s good to have it all together and sorted out so that we use things in the correct order and don’t wind up with expired test strips.

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2 thoughts on “Small Success: A Better than Average Day

  1. So funny YOU ARE the second person this week to say they got a closet cleaned during an outage (hers was electricity). So funny – it would probably take that at least to get me to venture into any of our closets! Sounds like a better than average week indeed! 🙂

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