Small Success: Squeaky Clean and Shiny

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I braved some absolutely crazy weather, heading out 5 minutes late and between storms to go to the Penance Service last night. My soul is now squeaky clean.

And I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that Penance Services are never going to be opportunities for a really deeply-moving confession experience. They’re a sacramental express line, and maybe their purpose really is to convince us that the sacrament itself is not so scary, not so terrible–so that we’ll make a point of going to Confession more regularly. (Did I just say that a Penance Service is a sacramental gateway drug? Well, yes. I guess I did.)

I have only 3 board games left to put away after the Game Closet Cleanout last week. I’ve made arrangements for Purple Heart to pick up the games in good shape that we’re going to donate (as well as all the high-school uniform pants I’d been saving for TheKid–because the school changed to color of the uniform pants.) All the puzzles and a brand-new set of Legos (in an open box but with all pieces still in plastic bags) are going to the school tomorrow. These are great for indoor recess, which happens a lot at this time of year, and two teachers have already accepted my offer of these toys.

Besides the closet, I’ve cleaned out 2 drawers, one bench where we dump stuff as we come in, and my van–because I got shiny new wheels on Friday!

Still dithering about a name: Felix or Maxine? TheKid suggests Julio.
Still dithering about a name: Felix or Maxine? TheKid suggests Julio.

No more minivan! I’m a station-wagon mom now. I’ve admired these cars for quite a while and am now trying to figure out how I’ll manage to live up to its style. Yes, my car is more stylish than me.

I’m just happy to have unloaded the 10 1/2-year-old van with its myriad annoying electrical issues (which deserve a post of their own) and a transmission that feels like it’s going to fall out of the car when you’re driving around neighborhoods at 20 mph.

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