#WorthRevisit: Cast Your Cares Upon Him

I am a worrier. Professional-grade. If there’s a thing to worry about, I’ll worry.

I even worry after the fact.

On Sunday, Hubs surprised me with a fistful of tickets to the Notre Dame NCAA basketball game.

NCAA elite 8 game

I worried all day; how would we get there, where would we park, would TheKid have trouble bringing in his bag of diabetes essentials, would I feel well enough (that was iffy; I’m still coughing my head off in allergy-induced asthma attacks).

I worried all the way there, especially when we had to wait outside the Holiday Inn so Hubs could pick up the tickets at the StubHub office. I wasn’t the only one with thoughts of gloom and doom, as evidenced by my older son’s remark when Hubs returned to the car: “He’s back, and it seems like he still has both his kidneys…”

I worried as we funneled our way into the arena and I realized that I hadn’t removed my Swiss Army knife from my cosmetic bag (which contains exactly 0 cosmetics.) I hoped that the handbag inspectors wouldn’t notice. They didn’t.

I enjoyed the game very much, until the Irish lost. I didn’t do a lot of yelling, because that makes me cough. To my daughter and the people who were sitting in front of us, you’re welcome.

I even worried the next night, after it was all over! I said goodnight, went to bed, and had this half-asleep panic attack about sitting way up there in the arena–and falling forward and not being able to stop it.

I write a lot about worry, because that helps me to get it out of my head a little bit. If I talk about it with people in my family they just tell me to get over myself and stop worrying about pointless things, but it’s not something I can turn off like a water faucet.

To prove I’m Still Worried After All These Years, here’s a post from 2008 describing the exact same struggle.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

That was one of the messages in today’s first reading.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

This was the first time all week that I’ve been able to get to Mass, and the reading was just what I needed to hear.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

I was in my usual Worry Over What Might Happen Even If It’s Really Unlikely mode, all day long today.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

Tonight at our Secular Franciscans meeting, our ongoing formation centered on Mary. A theme that kept coming up in the discussion was her great trust, and the example she sets for us with the trust she displayed.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

If I’m worrying over what might happen, I’m not doing too much trusting, am I?

“Cast your cares upon Him….and He will lift you up.”

Finally as the meeting closed and we chatted while we cleaned up the room, I was lifted up. I laid down my cares and some wonderful friends reassured me. I wonder if my sisters in Francis know that their words and kindness meant so much.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

We were truly not meant to carry our cares all alone.

“Cast your cares upon Him.”

Today I’m going to spend some time listening to this favorite from John Michael Talbot. It always makes me feel better when I worry.

worth revisit

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3 thoughts on “#WorthRevisit: Cast Your Cares Upon Him

  1. With YOU SISTER!! I worry about worrying #TRUESTORY And the scripture verse “can you add a moment to your lifespan by worrying” … I’ve tested OFTEN. Seems it is true but that still doesn’t seem to stop my brain from well you know… WORRYING!!

  2. I still worry, but not as much as I used to. Retiring early was the biggest leap of faith I ever took, and also the most in touch with God I’ve ever felt. Against all human odds, he got me through it and to an even better place, so I guess I’m a little like Doubting Thomas. Now that I’ve truly seen him in action, I worry a lot less. I haven’t stopped worrying, but most days, I’ve relinquished my professional status.

    Thanks for another good post 🙂

  3. Great post! I’m a stay at home mom/entrepreneur so worry is the name of the game. Well my game anyway. Even with all the evidence I have that God is with us, and Mary is praying for us….I worry. Sigh. At the very least, worry is a good reminder for me to pray! So until I lose the worry, I’ll use it as a tool.

    Love the blog! Cheers.

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