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I’m supposed to be taking the week off from work (and I’ve managed to do that, about 95% of the way). It feels weird. I think that’s partly because I work from home, so it’s really always there, on the same desk as my planner and notebook with my household stuff and personal projects. So walking away is tougher.show us your planner (3)One thing that made it a little easier to put my feet up this week is that asthma has been kicking my butt. I’m finally noticing that the cough is starting to let up. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours just sitting on the couch with a decaf and a novel that I didn’t have to read for work or a book review or anything. Just a novel, to read for fun. It’s not the world’s most fantastic novel by any means, but it’s not challenging to read and that’s what I needed.

I picked up TheKid’s summer wardrobe this week. He has plenty of T-shirts but none of his shorts or swim trunks fit him, so it was off to Target:

Shorts: any color as long as they're tan. He's more flexible when it comes to swimwear.
Shorts: any color as long as they’re tan. He’s more flexible when it comes to swimwear.

I also invented an appetizer. Noms.

asparagus tart (1) c

And while we’re talking food, this grilled Provolone and caramelized onion on rye with whole-grain mustard was amazing.

grilled provolone onion mustard rye

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2 thoughts on “#SmallSuccess: UNproductive

  1. My boy needs a couple of new pairs of shorts for school. The challenge is finding them without Cargo pockets and at a reasonable price. THis time he wants to branch out from Khaki, to you know, Navy, gray and black. But my Hubby also prefers any color in the Khaki/Tan family.

    • If you go to WalMart you might luck out with the Dickies brand. They come in all those colors, are inexpensive and don’t have the big cargo pockets. (I like those for “play” shorts because the cargo pockets can be fastened, so he COULD secure his phone and insulin pump if only he’d put them in those pockets…)
      My son wears uniforms to school so it cracks me up that he only wants to wear tan/khaki shorts outside of school (his school uniform pants/shorts are black). It’s like going from one uniform to another! But next year in high school he will wear tan pants, so we’ll see if he changes his after-school tune then!

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