Small Success: Re-entry Week

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Last week I had the whole week off work, except for 2 or 3 quick tasks that were time-sensitive. It was a little weird at first. When you work from home, your job is always right there with you, so it took some effort to remind myself that everything that still had to be done was stuff that could wait until this week.

I read a couple of books just for fun. I didn’t get as much done on my own blogs as I wanted to, but that work’s not going anywhere.

I still have some of my Easter candy left; I did not gobble it all up on the first 3 days.

And this morning, with the Science Fair looming along with the needs for color-printing presentation materials, I fixed the color printer, which would only print in color but not in black even though the black ink cartridge was 80% full. Everything’s looking good now!

Last Thursday night we headed to Gettysburg where we toured the museum (meh) and the cyclorama (WAY cool) and hired a battlefield guide who drove us around in our own car for 3 hours and told the story of the battle, start to finish. I got some cool photos!

Gettysburg Tour April 2016 (15) Gettysburg Tour April 2016 (18) Gettysburg Tour April 2016 (25) Gettysburg Tour April 2016 (37) Gettysburg Tour April 2016 (57) Gettysburg Tour April 2016 (64)

Fences and skies of Gettysburg. All of these were shot in a 3-hour period on the same afternoon. Crazy weather! We got drenched in a rainstorm in the middle of it.

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2 thoughts on “Small Success: Re-entry Week

  1. Hear ya on the time off but it is still staring at you syndrome. Good for you to leave it be until your vacation was done!! Nice!! The pictures of Gettysburg are fantastic, I feel like I went on the tour and through the crazy weather with you!! AND a big thanks for posting the link up last week so us over achievers would have a place to link. YOU rock!!

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