Small Success: Dormitory Tetris

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On Friday, I folded down the seats in “Maxine,” my station wagon, and headed over to collect my daughter’s stuff from her college dorm room, using all my Tetris skills to cram a refrigerator, hand truck, foot locker, 3 drawer units, 2 Rubbermaid bins, the Keurig she adopted after I got an Aeropress for Christmas, and assorted smaller items into the car. The doors all closed and I could see out all the windows.

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There was a desperate-looking mom parked next to me on move-out day. She had loaded all the soft, squishy-looking (but bulky) things into her small SUV first. Large, structured items littered the sidewalk around her car. I very nearly offered to help her unload the whole thing and start over, but you never know how those suggestions would be taken, so I just made a joke about playing Tetris and got into the car to wait for my daughter. (I’m still wondering if I should have made that offer to help reload her car. Packing is my superpower.)

For the record, “Maxine” was a wise purchase. My old minivan had more cubic feet of space, but it was nowhere near this accessible and usable. The van was nowhere near this stylish or comfortable either. I don’t miss too much about that van.

In my slow-but-steady pursuit of Inbox Zero (AKA the Impossible Dream) I have reduced my inbox to about 1500–less than half of what it was when I started working on it.

This week I’ve made a batch of cookies and a batch of meatballs and sauce and now I’m waiting for a loaf of sourdough bread to rise.

Other than that, it’s been same old, same old, and that’s OK.

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