Small Success: Sleep-Deprived Edition

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I’ll say one thing right up front: it’s going to be a BIG success today if I manage to stay awake during my Adoration hour at noon. I’ve been up since about 3:30 AM, on diabetes duty. (Thank you, soccer tryouts that run from 5 to 7:30 and mess with blood sugars hours later. Hubs had 2 sleepless nights in a row, so last night was my turn. TheKid was in the safe zone by 4:15, but by then I was good and awake.) Sitting in a quiet place for an hour is going to be dangerous. I hope my guardian angel can keep me from snoozing in the chapel!

There’s been a lot of post-vacation catching up going on at work and at home. All the suitcases except one (containing miscellaneous snorkel gear, rain jackets and souvenirs) have been unpacked. I’m slowly getting my pile of books to review in order, and the clean laundry (8 loads on Monday!) is working its way back toward the drawers and closets.

I didn’t lose any weight on vacation, despite the fact that I basically doubled my daily walking mileage. But I didn’t gain any weight on vacation either, so that’s a victory right there.

Yesterday I took TheKid for his uniforms for high school. Because I hoarded saved hand-me-downs from the Big Kids, he’s all set for dress shirts (those things will never die!), golf shirts and sweaters. All I had to buy was pants and shorts, which were still way too expensive. He’d better not outgrow these anytime soon. Gym uniforms have to be purchased at school, so that’ll be tomorrow’s fun.

Today's Catholic Teacher fall 2016 cover
Today’s Catholic Teacher fall 2016 cover

The Fall 2016 issue of Today’s Catholic Teacher is out, containing my first-ever magazine article! For future issues, I’m working on the Bulletin Board feature, and I have another full-length article coming in the summer 2017 issue. I’m excited about that!

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4 thoughts on “Small Success: Sleep-Deprived Edition

  1. Congratulations on the article in the Catholic Teacher!! And I can attest that dress shirts can eventually die. After a June tour of unairconditioned churches in Italy, my youngest’s handed-on dress shirt was unresurrectable. It could stand up on its own. It probably could sing the baritone part for Tu es Petrus. New shirt for the fall! New dress shoes, too, as the pair that took him through high school and two years of college got holes in the bottom.

    • The Flynn & O’Hara uniform shirts wear like iron. Older Son wore these for 2 years, then TheKid wore them all last year. They still look great and come out of the dryer beautifully. So the shirts have gone 3 school years so far–for a $27 shirt I consider it a bargain. The Old Navy $10 specials look awful even after they’ve been starched, and the fabric is nowhere near as nice. I’m half tempted to buy any dress shirts he needs at Flynn & O’Hara, if only I could convince the F&O people that I don’t want school monograms on them.

  2. Barb, Those are all fantastic successes. Congrats on being published in Catholic Teacher. WOOHOO!
    I pray for your son and for you and your hubby who give him such great care.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Congrats on the article, Barb!

    And believe it or not, I miss those back to school days. (But now our oldest grandchildren are starting kindergarten!)

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