Small Success and Chocolate Therapy Cookies

Thursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

Honestly, I kind of feel like I’m spinning my wheels right now. Or maybe “running around in a hamster wheel” is a better way to describe it. Either way, I’m just feeling scattered. I took my scattered self to Adoration today and left after an hour, no less scattered than when I’d walked in.

A couple of things I’ve gotten right:

Chocolate Therapy Cookies 1

  • I invented some new cookies yesterday. Chocolate cookies with bittersweet chocolate chips, pecans and craisins. 6 inches across (I don’t mess around.)
  • I made the cookies to cheer up a friend who’s grieving the loss of one of her good friend’s husbands.
  • I baked a double batch of those cookies.
  • I was able to say “yes” when my cookie-receiving friend mentioned that her friend could use a dinner for tonight (guess what’s for dessert?)

Small Success dark blue outline 800x800

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