Small Success: Resurrection Mile

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Still plugging away at making a routine happen around here. I went to the gym (once) and did a Resurrection Mile (twice). What’s a “Resurrection Mile”? I go to Resurrection Parish, and on one of our two church campuses, there’s a parish center with a gymnasium. The building is open weekdays from 9 to 3 for people to come in and walk laps around the gym. Our parish has daily Mass at that location 3 days a week, so I’m trying to go over and walk my mile (20 times around the gym) after Mass. I listen to a podcast on my phone while I walk! I’m catching up on Among Women and Girlfriends this way.


I have officially run out of Pepsi and decided that I’m going to use this opportunity to try to give up soda. More water, iced tea and iced coffee using my super-duper iced-coffee-without-ice-cubes cup*–that’s my plan.

I stuck to the meal plan and tried a new recipe.

Pork Scaloppine by Barb Szyszkiewicz for

One thing I did that I never do: stayed up to watch a TV show that started at 10 PM. Actually, the fact that I intentionally watched a TV show is astonishing enough. But “Designated Survivor” hooked me from the promos and did not disappoint. Did you watch? What did you think?

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4 thoughts on “Small Success: Resurrection Mile

      • One other Q: How likely is it that my teens can watch? (Well, mainly the 15yo. I’m sure my nearly-18yo can watch just about anything I can watch.)

        Also, I’m a bit distressed to be writing “nearly-18yo.” Is there anything that can help me not freak out about that??

        • I was just talking with my neighbor about that! Her 16-year-old wants to watch. I think that if your kids are level-headed, can distinguish fact from fiction and can identify that (since this is an ABC program, after all) the liberals are going to be portrayed as “good guys” and so on, they’ll be fine. Nothing graphic in the show, one body bag seen, lots of burning rubble, but that’s really it.

          As for the nearly-18 thing…you just push through. My oldest will turn (eek) 25 in January!

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