Small Success Thursday: DST Jetlag Edition

Small-Success-Thursday-400pxIt’s Thursday, so that means it’s time to stop over at for a celebration of our Small Successes!

(By the way, have you noticed the spiffy new site design over there? Nice.)

I have a couple of posts scheduled at today:  a review of a very good novel for middle-schoolers and my own reflection on social media prayer warriors. I’ll link to them after they go live. I love reading middle-school and YA books that have both a great story and a great message. You can win a copy of the book I reviewed–and the other book in the series by entering the contest here.


My cholesterol is down! It’s not as far down as my doctor would like it to be, but I’m making progress. And tendinitis has been acting up in my foot again (and in the other foot) so the podiatrist is ordering me some orthotics. I was all set to go in there and fight for orthotics or physical therapy or something more than just another shot, but he walked into the room and informed me that I wasn’t just getting a shot this time. No fight necessary–we were on the same page. (Now hurry up with those orthotics, doc!)


american saintI got a couple of long-overdue reviews written:

American Saint, in which I managed to overcome my temptation to be snarky about the author’s obvious political agenda. Diplomatic success!

peppermint bark talenti gelatoand (now for the fun part) Talenti gelato!


As usual, Daylight Savings Time jetlag is kicking my butt. Sleep patterns are off, and I decided that while I need to be off my feet a bit, I’d get some of those annoying little jobs done. I had 2 small baskets and one grocery bag of things in the living room that belonged somewhere else. Today I put them all where they belong. Next on my list of places to attack:  the coffee table! Then, at least, the living room will be nice and neat. Every little bit helps.

I wish I still had some of that gelato. Guess what’s going on my shopping list?

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