Shifting Gears: Small Success Thursday

Small-Success-Thursday-400pxThursday is the day we celebrate those little achievements–not the trophy-worthy stuff, but the little things that make our day. Or week.

Join us at to share your little joys and give a pat on the back to the others who have shared!

Here’s mine. It’s a quick-and-dirty edition since the day has been crazy.


I’ve been substitute-teaching most of the week–3 school days out of 4 and I’m scheduled for tomorrow too. Today they called me at 8:20. I’d been to the gym, but hadn’t eaten or showered, since I figured I’d clean the house first and then get clean. “Can you come in today?”
“Give me an hour.”
I got there in 55 minutes, clean, dressed up, lunch packed, breakfast eaten, coffee in hand.

Of course, that change in the game plan meant that the house is rapidly approaching “hovel” status, but that’s what Saturday is for, I guess.


jeopardy OKFRI used the SMARTboard this week at school. I even wrote up a Jeopardy board that could go up on the SMARTboard, and we played the game to review key concepts in 7th- and 8th-grade religion.

It did make me sad that when we were playing Jeopardy, the kids didn’t know who I meant when I referenced “Alex.”


I listed about 10 books on PaperbackSwap over the weekend and have already off-loaded four of those. It’s a great way to get rid of books you’ve finished and to pick up new-to-you books. All you pay is the postage for books you mail out.

2 thoughts on “Shifting Gears: Small Success Thursday

  1. Sub Status: Ninja
    You can use a Smartboard? I’m still struggling with the idea of dry erase markers. 🙂 I hope your weekend is restful and not too packed with cleaning.

    • Sub Ninja! I like it! We have no dry-erase, which I’m glad about, because I hate the smell. It’s blackboards with chalk (my preferred method) and some SMARTboards. I can use it, but not well, and only with help from the middle-schoolers, but I can make a Word document show up on there, which (so far) is all I need to do!

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