Diabetic Negotiation

Little Brother almost always eats the same breakfast:  an everything bagel with butter and two scrambled eggs.

This morning he was looking for something different.

eggo chocolate chip“I got some chocolate-chip Eggo waffles at the store,” I said.

We checked the label. Two waffles have 31 carbs. Four waffles have 62, which is almost exactly the same as his bagel-and-eggs combo.

“I’ll have four waffles,” he decided.

I asked him if he wanted any eggs, reminding him that without them, he might find himself hungry later this morning.

“There’s protein in the waffles,” he said. “It comes from the chocolate chips.”

8 thoughts on “Diabetic Negotiation

  1. I was surprised to find that the percentage of protein in chocolate is about 5% by weight. It’s not a scrambled egg (which is 10%), but there’s something there!


  2. I have had gestational diabetes a couple times, so I have a limited understanding of your struggles! Parenting a tweenager through a gluten and dairy free diet has its own set of frustrations and challenges. God bless you on your journey!


    • Thanks for the support. Any kind of dietary restrictions comes with challenges and frustrations. God bless you back! 🙂 I know our kids have different issues, but it all comes down to trying to find them safe, nutritious and tasty foods to eat and help them not feel so “different” from everyone else.


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