Small Success: Changing the Scenery

Small Success dark blue outline 800x800Thursdays at begin with a look at the past week’s Small Successes!

Yesterday got off to a rough start, but I was able to get it turned around. Since it became apparent that the contractor wasn’t going to show up, I decided to get out of the house for a while. Fortunately I can work wherever I can find a Wi-Fi connection.

I headed over to Barnes & Noble, with an old gift card that had about $5 on it. With that, I indulged in a white-chocolate mocha and biscotti. I savored those treats while working and was able to reboot my brain.

I’d have stayed at the bookstore longer, but the smell of paint became my cue to leave. No, they weren’t renovating the store. Two women were sitting at a cafe table that was draped in a flowered plastic tablecloth–in the middle of an art lesson. As the lesson progressed, the paint smell began to permeate the store. As I’m sensitive to fragrances, I decided it was time to move on. Now I’ve seen knitting clubs that meet in the cafe, and I’ve taken my daughter to a math tutor who met her there. And I had no problem with that (yes, we always bought drinks to justify our use of a cafe table for an hour). I’d have thought nothing of the art lesson if it involved pencils or charcoal. But who brings paints into Barnes & Noble?

I’ve also been working on cleaning out The Kid’s old room, which has become quite the dumping ground since he commandeered his older brother’s room upon Big Brother’s departure last August. This morning I set out 2 lawn-and-leaf bags plus one smaller bag of clothing for the veterans’ donation truck. ¬†Yesterday I moved 3 boxes of books and memorabilia into The Kid’s new(ish) digs and out of his old room.

2015-05-13 21.53.16And I took for myself a small bookcase that had been in the family room. I put it in the living room because my piles of books to be read, books to be reviewed, and books I received as gifts were taking over the coffee table and the living-room floor.

When your pile of homeless books nearly fills 2 bookshelves, you just might need a home library.

Hubs would say I need an intervention, not a library.

Getting those things moved around and organized and out of the way gave me a mental lift and some fresh energy.

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9 thoughts on “Small Success: Changing the Scenery

  1. Hubby agreed to give away his collection of paperbacks. such as we like printed books, the library fits and transports better in an electronic mode.

    • I have a ridiculous amount of ebooks too…but for nonfiction, I need a printed book.

  2. I confess, to you my brothers and sisters… that I am a book-a-holic too. I especially love Catholic Books and older history books. I console myself by saying “someone’s got to save them all”… so that we will always know the truth. LOL
    Hugs. Great post.

    • YAY! A kindred spirit! And you are so right about those history books. Hang on to the old ones; the new ones have an agenda all their own.

  3. I’ve been cleaning my study at home, and oh, do I need more shelves. I have 6 stacks of books on the floor and no more walls to put shelves up against!

    • I hear you. My house is split-level (ugh) so the living room really only has ONE wall. I’d line the entire house with bookshelves if I could. I doubt Hubs would appreciate that, though!

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