Monday Recap: 5/18/15

Monday Recap-What I've been writing

I had to take the “Morning” out of the Monday Recap, because it just wasn’t happening.

Here’s what I’ve been working on this week:


Catholic-TV-appTech Talk: Must-See Catholic TV, a look at an app that gives you all 99 of CatholicTV’s programs!


At Cook and Count:

trinity rice with almonds c squareSuper Sides: Trinity Rice with Almonds is a great way to transform leftover rice into something new and delicious.



new Pyrex designAn Open Letter to Pyrex was written because this is one of those times when “new and improved” doesn’t work out that way. I need more precision in measuring devices than Pyrex’s new design offers.

At Real Housekeeping:

SS-Chicken-with-Snow-Peas-FB1Scrumptious Spring! Chicken with Snow Peas is today’s featured recipe. Skip the takeout–this cooks in less time than it takes to steam the rice.

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