Small Success: Party Time!

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One of the many things that makes me realize that I married my opposite is our opinions on surprises.

He loves them. Me, not so much.

He’s thrown three surprise parties for me over the years, one for each birthday that ends in a 0.

I did not react gracefully the first two times he did this.

But on Sunday afternoon, I was surprised again, and I count it as a success that:

  • no one got hurt
  • I had a fun time
  • my family managed to get this surprise past me.

Also, Big Brother and I won our round of Kanjam, though I did discover that it’s hard on the fingers and I do try to protect those so I can play guitar.

If I had to celebrate a “decade birthday” I am grateful that I was able to do so surrounded by family and friends, fun, good food and even live music (provided by a couple of my friends)! I received wonderful gifts (coffee gift cards, bookstore gift cards, and tickets to see Notre Dame play Temple) but the best gift of all was the fun time we had on Sunday afternoon.

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