What’s for Supper? September 18-24


I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s Patheos Catholic blog, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. Here’s what we had for dinner this week.

SG shrimp on toast 1 t cFRIDAY 18: Garlic Shrimp with Peppers and Onions over rice.

SATURDAY 19: It was Family Weekend at LaSalle University, so we met Middle Sister for the Mass and then, at her request, went to dinner at the Trolley Car Diner in Chestnut Hill. There was a family meal at the school, but she wanted a break from dining-hall food!

lemon garlic chicken thighs CT (3)SUNDAY 20: Lemon and Garlic Chicken Thighs, and I have absolutely no clue what was served on the side!

chili chicken T C



MONDAY 21: Chili Honey Chicken with green beans and jasmine rice.

Easy Beef Noodles C T




TUESDAY 22: Eye round roast cooked in the cast-iron Dutch oven, Easy Beef Noodles, corn.



skillet chicken parm T CWEDNESDAY 23: Skillet Chicken Parmesan. Because Wednesday night is Pasta Night around these parts.

THURSDAY 24: Fund-raising dinner for TheKid’s theater program. It was at a local diner, and I had the best hot open-faced roast beef sandwich ever, hands down. The only improvement I’d have made would have been MORE gravy, so I could put it on the fries! (Next time I’ll know to ask for that right up front.)

What was on your dinner menu this week? I’m planning ahead for next week, so I could use some great ideas!

What’s for Supper? September 11-17, 2015


I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s Patheos Catholic blog, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. Here’s what we had for dinner this week.

FRIDAY 11: Takeout pizza.

barbecued chicken c titleSATURDAY 12: Grilled chicken, yellow rice (from a mix), salad.

SUNDAY 13: “Fend for yourself” once again; I had a picnic at a church event. TheDad and TheKid made do.

steak fajitas from leftovers T (2)c for cook and countMONDAY 14: Beef fajitas with leftover steak (which I freeze immediately after the meal to deter poachers). Just warm up the steak in the last few minutes of cooking the fajita vegetables.

skillet chicken noodles c tTUESDAY 15: Skillet Chicken and Noodles. This can be on the table in about 35 minutes, it’s satisfying, and if there are any leftovers, it makes a great lunch!

apple coffee cake (12) c tWEDNESDAY 16: As on most Wednesdays, spaghetti and meatballs. And we had a birthday at folk-group practice, so I baked an Apple Coffee Cake.

chicken caroline T CTHURSDAY 17: Chicken Caroline, rice, green beans.

What’s on your dinner menu for the week?

What’s for Supper? September 4-10


I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s Patheos Catholic blog, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. Here’s what we had for dinner this week.

I’m curious: do you say “dinner” or “supper?” It was always “supper” growing up–“dinner” was reserved for holidays, when we ate with the extended family, used the dining room and had tablecloths and fancy dishes. But when I went to college, the cafeteria called it “dinner.”

shrimp scampi c TITLE

FRIDAY 4: Shrimp Scampi with pasta, which was such a hastily-put-together dinner that I wound up having to call my neighbor for a box of spaghetti.

spicy orange chicken 3 c title

SATURDAY 5: Spicy Orange Chicken with brown rice and Sesame Green Beans.

baked salmon 1 c title sq

piselli rustica 2 c title

SUNDAY 6: Baked Salmon using the Catholic Foodie’s recipe, Rustic Peas and Parsley Potatoes.

sausage and peppers (8)c title

MONDAY 7: we hosted a Labor Day picnic. I made baked beans, grilled hot dogs, salad and sausage and peppers–a giant batch, in the roaster oven.

chicken caesar sandwich c title

TUESDAY 8: Chicken Caesar Sandwiches (we had a lot of leftover rolls after Monday’s picnic, so this was a way to use them up!)

WEDNESDAY 9: Spaghetti and meatballs.

THURSDAY 10: Fend for yourself! Big Brother took me to Center City Philly for my (belated) birthday dinner. We enjoyed Asian food served tapas style at Sampan.

What’s for Supper? August 30-September 3


I’m linking up with Simcha Fisher for her “What’s for Supper?” feature. I’ve only got 5 days here, because last week I was late, and I haven’t actually decided what we’re eating tonight. Even though it’s 5:15 PM right now.

cucumber tomato salad (1)c TITLESUNDAY 30: Hamburgers, hot dogs, tomato-cucumber-onion salad, baked beans (my secret recipe for baked beans: for every 15 ounces of canned baked beans, add 3 TBL ketchup and 1 TBL yellow mustard. Stir. Bake 20 minutes at 350.)

MONDAY 31: TheKid was visiting friends, so Hubs and I went to the diner for omelets.

Chicken breasts with Mushroom Sauce c title

TUESDAY 1: Chicken Breasts in Mushroom Sauce based on this recipe from author Jeanne Grunert. I still need to write up how I made it (note “based on” above) and include the nutrition information. This was a big hit.

WEDNESDAY 2: Spaghetti and meatballs. This is our Wednesday-supper tradition because I have folk-group practice on Wednesday evenings, and this dinner is easy to make and to clean up.

Chicken Thighs BBQ rub baked beans c titleTHURSDAY 3: Chicken thighs with barbecue rub, tater tots, salad, baked beans. Next time I’m putting those on sandwiches with a little cole slaw.

rainbow stirfry c title FIAs for tonight, I could make my Meatless-Friday recipe that’s up at CatholicMom.com today…I have everything here to make that happen. We’ll see.

Menu Monday 7

menu Monday

It’s time for Menu Monday, hosted at Mary Ellen Barrett‘s corner of the Internet.

I’m still substitute-teaching, and with the “fall back” to Standard Time (can’t we just pick one and stick with it?) I’m setting up an easy plan for the next few days.

chicken pepper paprikaSUNDAY:  Chicken and Pepper Paprika over noodles. I’ll be writing this one up. Here’s a teaser photo.

MONDAY:  Chicken with Lemon and Garlic, rice, roasted asparagus.

TUESDAY:  Pork Carnitas Tacos and salad.

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Caesar Sandwiches in the slow cooker. Our over-the-stove microwave is being replaced, since its mysterious demise when Little Brother was using it as a timer 2 weeks ago. I can put the slow cooker someplace else in the kitchen, to give the late-afternoon installation guy room to get the job done.

THURSDAY:  Spaghetti and meatballs.

FRIDAY:  Seafood Surprise. Translation:  I have 1 or 2 servings each of various fish fillets like tilapia, swai, cod and whiting. 3 of us need to eat. The surprise is what type of fish each person will get. I have a Meatless Friday fish recipe coming up at CatholicMom.com this week, so I might use that one for whatever fish I wind up cooking. That recipe will go live Friday morning at 8 or 9 AM (I’m not sure. The time change is messing up my sense of the schedule, especially since the site is based on Pacific time to start with.)

SATURDAY:  Leftovers, now that I’ll have a working microwave to warm them.

Menu Monday 5

menu Monday

I’m linking my menu plan over at Mary Ellen Barrett’s Menu Monday feature.

Here’s some good stuff that someone linked to on Facebook yesterday:  8 dinnertime tips from Mario Batalli. This is not serious-chef stuff–it’s simple strategies that make home cooking easier.

make and take coffee cake (1)SUNDAY:  We visited friends and had Chinese takeout. I brought dessert:  Make-and-Take Coffee Cake with apples. This cake is so easy to make, which was great, because with Mass at noon followed by rehearsals for both me and Little Brother, there wasn’t time to fool around.

Easter ham and cheese bakeMONDAY:  I’m putting together a Ham and Cheese Bake for dinner and leaving Little Brother directions for putting it in the oven to bake; I’ve got a doctor’s appointment in the late afternoon and Little Brother has a rehearsal in the early evening. Cutting it CLOSE! I think the only thing I dread more than a gynecologist appointment is the dermatologist, which is the one I’m seeing today. With my family history, it’s always a stressful experience (we’re Irish. Need I say more?)

TUESDAY:  Pot roast in the slow cooker, noodles and gravy. And a vegetable of some sort. Shame on me:  my gravy comes out of a can. Maybe someday I’ll learn to make the Real Thing.

WEDNESDAY:  Spaghetti and meatballs, our Wednesday-night tradition! I might change it up and serve cheese tortellini instead of regular pasta.

Tandoori (4)THURSDAY:  Tandoori chicken, roasted asparagus, and roasted potatoes. All in the oven at the same temperature, and it’s all easy to clean up if you line the pans with foil. Since Little Brother has an early-evening rehearsal, I’m all about making it easy.

singapore noodles 4FRIDAY:  Singapore Noodles with Shrimp. I can’t figure out if Little Brother likes this because he gets to squeeze lime juice all over everything or what, but he’s a big fan of this dish. And it’s not too hard to make!

SATURDAY:  Leftovers.